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"They tried to burry us. They didn't know we were seeds."

-The Zapatistas

Activist, artist, educator. Granddaughter of refugees. Jewish nonbinary womyn. My work serves as an interface between my conscious and subconscious minds—a space of awareness and relationship between my inner and outer worlds. I work to find clarity; to listen, to observe, to express and to learn. ​I am inspired by the work of Nina Simone, Agitarte, Theatre of the Oppressed, and classic Mexican political printmaking. The gestural qualities of my work speak to frustration and outrage with the historical oppressions we are dealing with today as a result of imperial greed and supremacy. My purpose with my work is presence-- using my physicality to convey existence and essence through narrative.  Daily observation of emotion; dealing with chronic pain, presence living in the sensation of my body. I relate my experience through the lens of will to thrive on a suffering planet.


I tune in to earthly pains and fears; choosing tangible actions I can make to usher in and create space for justice and beauty. I balance existing here, and at the same time creating a place of calm internally. A consistent  internal place of abundance and hope.  I can see a more safe and just future for all refugees of this planet here-- and I keep moving towards that sense of shared humanity. I use my artistic voice and skillset to empower agency and confidence in myself and my students. I share with my students the skillsets required as well as the willingness to take risks-- to write, produce and self direct. I offer a mode of creative community building based on mutual care, voice, and sanctity of life and experience.

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